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As a lifelong advocate, Maya Contreras has focused on Voting Rights because all paths to policy and justice begin with access to the ballot box. Maya fights for voting rights so we can have strong public health policy. She centers those pushed furthest to the margins by harmful legislation. Maya will work hard within her community to make sure that no policy is made about you without you.

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Maya Contreras: Democrat for Congress EP. New York-12

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Conscientious policy is interconnected because people are interconnected. Humane policy recognizes interdependence, values our humanity, and eradicates disparities and stigmas. Equitable policy acknowledges the history of exclusion and disenfranchisement of marginalized groups and works to correct those injustices. Public Health protects and promotes the health of communities through access to housing, clean water, food, and healthcare. Justice policy centers Public Health because Public Health is Public Safety. In the U.S., we don’t have a fixed definition of justice because justice looks different through the lens of many people. However, we can start by focusing on injustices like resource insecurity and work together to correct those wrongs. Together we can envision what Justice and Public Health look like.

I have always centered Public Health policy in my work.I will continue to do so as the next Representative for New York’s 12th Congressional District.